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We wish we could say that we have a "magic wand" that no other research agency has, but the truth is we use all the same research techniques and tabulation methods used widely in the business - in qualitative, quantitative and web surveys. We believe that it is in the ability to suggest optimized combinations of these options, including sample sizes, to our clients.

Qualitative research

When you don't even know where to start digging, the best way is to perhaps go ask an expert to pick on his brain. In pharmaceutical issues, when the picture is rather vague and misty, we suggest to do qualitative surveys first - to clarify what the issue is. As you all well know, it is used for testing visuals and observing handling of devices etc. In Japan, one-on-one is the dominant choice, unless the purpose is to have very specific requirements of live debate.

Quantitative research

From qualitative surveys and interviews comes a fine-tuned "hypothesis" or yours to see if it really works. This is the stage when you need to conduct quantitative surveys - to get your results in percentages and other forms of objective information. It can be done through questionnaires or by increasing sample sizes of interviews if you so wish.

Web research

This goes without saying that it the new angle of quantitative research. Maintaining a dependable and quality panel is key to the success of this approach. And the quality of the questionnaire is absolutely critical.